01) Why every stand is equal sized? 

Solar energy is amongst the most democratic energy resources. So we think that the networking medium, where solar sector companies promote their products and services, should be democratic as well. Companies will compete with each other by their service mentality and quality difference, not by their stand area. 

02) Isn’t 20m2 is a bit small? 

No; almost every product in the solar sector has similar image, feature, and price. 
All investors visit Solar Street to meet up with companies, not to observe the products. 
20m2 and two tables is enough. 

03) Do I have to bring beverages for my guests?

You don’t need to worry about water, kettle, paper cups etc. The Solar Street will provide water, coffee, and tea service for 2 days, free of charge. 

04) Who will be my Solar Street neighbors?

Due to our limited area within the Solar Street, only leading solar companies will be invited. 

05) Will there be ‘real’ customers and investors? 

In 2017, only ‘real’ investors and genuine potential investors visited the Solar Street. 
The quality won’t change in 2018. 

06) Why can’t I bring rollups etc.?

White panels of the Solar Street booths provide enough space for companies to promote their activities with various visuals. 
Printing and wall applications are provided by us, free of charge.
07) Will there be an accompanying conference? 

Yes! You can participate in the simultaneously ongoing Solarbaba Solar Energy Conference, where hot agenda, problems and possible solutions will be discussed. Again, free of charge!  

08) Is the Solar Street open for every company? 

The Solar Street is a place where leading companies of the solar sector meet. So we pay attention to references of the participating companies. 

09) Will there be evening activities? 

Yes, there will. We will organize dinner parties, where you can meet important stakeholders and future investors. 

10) Will there be sponsorship opportunities? 

Yes! We have come up with creative solutions. Instead of standard sponsorships we have organized special activities, where you can promote your work more effectively. 

Please contact us for more details.