With a few words
– Companies that will register must firstly fill out the “Company Introduction Form”.
– We will prepare “Company Introduction Cards” with the information received from the form and begin to display them on our website.
– The company introduction page will also contain the appointment schedule, according to which companies will be able to finalize their appointment by discussing with the secretariat on the time they deem appropriate for meetings.
– During this process, company representatives making a request for meeting will also have to fill out a form for this purpose. The secretariat of bilateral meetings will organize all appointments and ensure effective meetings.
Prior to the congress, companies which will hire a Bilateral Meeting Space will be provided with meeting schedules.

* For registration, companies must first enter into a contract with our company in line with the attendance requirements. And all attendees must have themselves registered on the web site of EIF’2018 or at the registration desk on the date of event.

B2B fee: 250 Euro